Goat usually lives in the altitude. The goat`s cashmere is different depending on weather condition of the country they are living. Averagely 250 gram cashmere is combed from one goat. 9-10 meter fibre is spinned   with 1 gram pure cashmere. 35-40 percent of the whole cashmere in world is produced in Mongolia. Cashmere thread diameter of Mongolian goat is 13.0-16.5 mkm, average length is 38-45 mm. Cashmere of Mongolian goat is warmer than other countries’ cashmere because of  Mongolian harsh climate. Cashmere products are very light, soft and delicate. It is special with its quality to keep warmth and form. As well as, it is always in the market.

19.6 million goats are bred in Mongolia. Goat breeds in Mongolia:  

1.    Mongolian breed goat

2.    Onjuul Breed goat

3.    Zalaa Jinst white goat

4.    Erchimt

5.    Bayandelger red goat

6.    Buural

7.    Ulgii red goat

8.    Gobi gurvan saikhan

9.    Uuliin bor

10.  Altai red goats