Cashmere processing manufacture exports the cashmere products to more 20 countries of the world by more 250.0 million USD in average annually and supplies by work place 7000 thousand people. Here are prepared 1200 tons of camel wool, 19000 sheep wool, 4000 tons of cashmere, 250tons of yak molts each year. There are more 90 companies provide an activity in total from which of 15 produce the final products, 23 – primary processing manufactures, 49 – knitted manufacture, that have a capacity of 1400 tons totally. In Italy it is exported more 500 tons of combed wool in average spinning.

 Further, we are planning to provide a fine spinning-machine line from Italy that requires much investment. It is necessary to import equipment of more 140.0 million MNT from Italy. From government of Mongolia it is provided a policy to protect the raw materials as a result which of it is widen a possibility to improve capacity of manufactures and to supply more 25000 people by work place in the future.

As of sheep wool processing sector

Here is drawn little different picture. In the named branch, there are just two companies “Erdenet carpet”and“Ulaanbaatar carpet”. In addition, there are around 70 small workshops and family private entities engage in business activity on this direction.

In Mongolia, we use 35-40 percent of the prepared sheep wool of 19-20 thousand tons each year.

Camel wool processing manufacture

            The camel wool is processed by the Gobi, Goyo and Eermel Share-Holding Companies. All these three companies purchase 393 tons of the camel wool in average annually and produce the products in total of 5 milliard 700 million MNT.

            It means that 39,4 percent of total prepared wool are used in the country and since 2006 year China, since 2008 year the Russian marketers began to be interested in camel wool.

Yak hair

            Yak molt is mainly purchased by Gobi Holding Company, Natural Alfa Co.,Ltd, Goyo LLC, Mongol Nekhmel Holding Company. At the same time, the Chinese people have bought it.