Multi-stakeholder conference meeting under a subject of “Establishment of Wool and Cashmere sub-sector’s Collaboration council and subject matter of Human resource policy” was held on Dec 15th 2016 and another multi-stakeholder workshop seminar under a subject of “Structure, organizational management, and Working Groups” is just jointly organized under the main guidance of Mongolian Wool and Cashmere Association and with the support of Canadian Uniterra program, on Feb 7th 2017. 


As a result of the meetings, establishment of Wool and cashmere sector’s Collaboration council is agreed, which would involve all multi-stakeholder representatives being engaged in the sub-sector development process that ideally has to be economically profitable, socially responsible, and environmentally friendly for the sake of justification of sustainable development platform of the wool and cashmere sub-sector. Involvement of multi-stakeholders ensured coverage of key representatives of the sub-sector including the government, private sector, professional associations, NGOs, higher educational institute, vocational educational institute, and research institute. During this second meeting, an issue relevant to strengthening skilled human resource is mainly discussed and participants have come to consensus of necessity of joint discussion about challenging issues facing the sub-sector and the necessity of joint solutions based on collaborative activities.  


In this way, the sub-sector Collaboration council is officially established under Mongolian Wool and Cashmere Association and majority of overall participants concluded that an establishment of respective Working groups under Collaboration council is the right solution and they consented on that.