Mongolian Wool and Cashmere Association and Women’s Diplomatic Club successfully organized ELEGANT CASHMERE fashion show to promote Mongolian national manufacturers’ wool and cashmere products within participation of Foreign Diplomatic Missions residing in Ulaanbaatar on March 16th, 2017.

            This event was organized in the scope of upcoming implementation of Cashmere program which ,is a Government new policy, aims to increase the export of Mongolian wool and cashmere products to 1.5 – 2 times.           

 In the beginning, his excellency ambassadors from Embassies and member of Diplomatic Corpus paid a factory visit at Cashmere Holding LLC and its “Evseg” factory store. Event continued for the ELEGANT CASHMERE fashion show which showcased wool and cashmere manufacturers’ Spring 2017 collections and followed with cocktail reception and b2b meetings. It was significant that spouses and daughters of the ambassadors, spouses of attaches, councils and secretaries were the models of the fashion show.


            Mr. Bat-Erdene J., Member of the Parliament and President of MWCA, opened the fashion show and officials from Government including Chimguundari N., Mongolian Prime Minister’s Foreign Policy Advisor and Mr. Batkhuu B., Director of Department for Coordination of Light Industrial Policy Implementation and ambassadors from Embassies residing in Ulaanbaatar participated to the event. Mongolian wool and cashmere processing leading companies and SMEs, Gobi Corporation, Goyo, Cashmere Holding, Buyan, Erdenet Cashmere, Blue Sky Cashmere, Mongol Textile, Sor Cashmere, Uujin, Bodio’s, Nans Cashmere, Gurvan Sor, Goyol Cashmere, Gobi Erdene and National Cashmere and Silk, showcased their latest Spring 2017 collections.